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The Myth about Man-made climate change

The Earths Climate cycles are in Allah's hand, not ours

Let me first make a disclaimer; I do not deny that the environment has been and continues to be poisoned by the works of humankind. A curb needs to be applied to our activities in this regard. But the issue I am addressing is the myth about man-made climate change. And the incredable hoax being perpetrated by the progenitors of the ‘New World Order’ Alhamdulillah, just read through this essay with an open mind without dismissing what I have to say with an off handed “oh no—a conspiracy theorist.’ reaction.  Don’t succumb to that oh so effective brainwashing.

The earth’s climate is changing. There is no argument about that.  The argument is about why it is changing and what can we do to stop or at best slow it down. We cannot do either. By Allah, it is going to happen because that is the way that Allah(swt) has designed it. That’s quite a contradictory claim being made by someone(me) who is not a scientist trained in geologic science/theory. I am a computer scientist trained to recognize and document processes.  So what could I possibly know that outweighs what the ‘scientific community’ is claiming. First be aware that man-made climate change is a theory put forth without any real scientific substance.  It’s a propaganda move by corporate/banking interests who see it as another way to place a tax burden on humankind while maintaining and promoting their particular hegemony over us.  Yes, there I go again, but I have some very good material to support my thesis.

First Scientific Fact, then the socio-political theory behind the fake facts. Let us start with the all too famous hockey stick graph.  This is the one that so astutely show the climate change effects of mankind. The graph shows that the average tempeture of the earth has risen .02 degrees centigrade in the last one hundred years of this chart. And the theory goes that our carbon emissions are the root cause of this tempeture change.

If one looks at this as it is presented you might actually be concerned that this shows a sharp spike in the average tempature during the period of the industrial age, and yes Carbon Emissions has increased dramatically. But this hockey stick graph put in its proper context shows an entirely different reality.

This is a graph of the Earth’s average tempeture from the pre-Cambrian era all the way to the present time. It is not a linear graph in that as you move to the right of the graph, the time representation stretches to show you more detail as we approach the present time.  The entire graph represents 4.6 billion years of climatic history. The last quarter of the pre-Cambrian period shows a rapid tempeture rise from a 12 degrees centigrade average to a 22 degrees centigrade average. This corresponds to the earth’s development of a mostly oxygen atmosphere. Over the last 570 million years there have been warm periods and cool periods that fluctuate in a remarkably stable pattern. Remember, this graph does not depict a linear time graph but time graph that expands as we move to the right. The graph does depict four major ice ages in the last 570 million years with an average of 142 million years between each major ice age. In three of these ice ages the average tempeture dipped to 12 Degrees Centigrade, and one ice age only dipped to 15 degrees centigrade. So what does this graph tell us?  The Earth’s average tempeture over the last 4.6 billion years has been 17 degrees centigrade.  Our present status is that we are climbing out of the fourth Ice Age towards a much warmer period. If you consider that Humankind appeared on the scene about 4 million years ago, when the Average Tempeture of the Earth was about 14 Degrees Centigrade, and we barely survived during the coldest period of 12 Degrees Centigrade average tempeture and that we are now at about 15 Degrees Centigrade average you will understand that there are forces at work here well beyond our current reckoning. The Hockey Stick graph represents such a small period of time (2k years) that to make any assumptions about humankind effects on global tempeture would be hilarious if one didn’t account for the fact that there might actually be a big deception going on here that most of humankind is falling for. But wait, I am not done here, there is still the question about how human caused carbon emissions are affecting the climate.

Here is an even better chart. The purple line shows the carbon content of the atmosphere over the last 4.5 billion years. One of the first things you will notice is that we are living in a period that has had the lowest level of carbon in the atmosphere. You’ll see by this chart that there is not much correlation between the Earth’s average tempeture and the atmosphere’s carbon content. If you pay particular attention to the Cretaceous period you will see the carbon content going dramitally down while the average tempeture is going up. And at the end of this chart you see the Holocene period. This is the period that humankind appeared.

My personal conclusion, Allahu alim, is that the Earth’s average tempeture is rising according to a pattern that Allah put in place.  We simply do not have the where with all to have any effect on it. It is going to happen no matter how much we want to prevent it.  So what do we as a species do about it? We use the facilities that Allah(swt) has given us and start planning for how we will survive the future. We know what the earth was like during the warm periods by our study of the Earth’s geologic history. Things are going to change dramatically over the next few millennium if Allah allows us as a species to survive that long. We have to adapt, and that will only happen when we realize that the effort to stop climate change is a waste of our time and instead work on developing the tools and technology needed to ensure our survival during this climate change.

Now for the ‘conspiracy theory’ socio-political talk about why everyone is claiming that this climate change is man-made. I’ll start by addressing the ‘conspiracy theory’ label. Mainstream media has done a great job of labeling anyone who challenges that narrative that they put forth.  By creating this label and putting it forward as the word for aluminum hat wearing crazies ( I wear a copper hat, conducts beter than aluminum<--thats a joke). that see conspiracies under every rock it causes the average person to automatically close their mind to hearing those labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists.’  So what do the words actually mean?  Well conspiracy is described as “the act of conspiring together’ in order to plan some action. Do people conspire? Of course, they do. It does not necessarily entail some evil or wrong act.  If you and your co-workers get together to plan a company softball game you are conspiring together. So a conspiracy just means that act of coming together by two or more people to plan some action.  And Theory of course means that you have some hypothesis that is not yet proven. So a Conspiracy Theorist is someone who has a theory that some folks have conspired together to plan some act.  When the board of directors of General Motors gets together they are definitely conspiring together to plan one or more actions.  That s not a theory but a fact, That Trump and his cabinet get together and conspire together to plan one or more actions is a fact not a theory. These are conspiracies not theories.  What might be a theory, however, is exactly what did they conspire about absent any empirical evidence. What they conspired about can often time be deduced by the resulting actions after those conspirations. So, what I am presenting at this point is not a conspiracy theory, these conspiracies actually occurred, they are not theories. What they conspired to do on the other hand can only be deduced from the evidence presented. It’s all wrapped up in a series of videos that I strongly urge you to take the time to watch.  Then make up your mind about what is actually happening. Alhamdulillah, as Allah says in the Qur’an, Truth clearly stands out from Falsehood! Amin!




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