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Yellow Vests Hit Streets of Lille in 67th Week of Protests in France

Several hundred people had begun marching in Paris on Saturday. Yellow Vest activists have called for protests in Paris and Lille today. Related gatherings are likely in Nantes, Marseille, Avignon, Lyon, and Montpellier. Additional protests are possible in other urban centers across France. The "Yellow Vest" movement began on November 17, 2018, to protest rising fuel prices and a planned fuel tax. It has since grown to encompass a number of popular grievances against the French government. Some protests have turned violent and acts of vandalism and looting have been reported. Demonstrations have continued despite French government proposals to address protesters' concerns. President Emmanuel Macron announced a series of reforms on April 25, including closing corporate tax loopholes, income tax cuts, linking pensions to inflation by 2020, and reforms to referendum processes, among others.

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