Lebanon files complaint with UN over Israeli hacking of its telephone network
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Lebanon files complaint with UN over Israeli hacking of its telephone network

Mudallali, in a letter sent to the UN Security Council, stated that Beirut condemns in the strongest possible terms the political and diplomatic campaign being waged by the Israeli regime. “That campaign is being accompanied by a number of extremely serious acts, of which the most recent is that Israel has breached the Lebanese communications grid by hacking into the telephone network and sending recorded messages to peaceable civilian inhabitants of the southern part of the village of Kafr Killa warning them of imminent explosions to take place on Lebanese territory that might put their lives at risk,” the letter said. It further noted that such Israeli actions constitute a violation of Lebanon's sovereignty. Mudallali then called on the UN Security Council to “take all measures necessary to confront this systematic campaign being waged by Israel and Israel’s ongoing violations of Lebanese sovereignty, which are a threat to the security and stability of the entire region.” ‘Israel may expand anti-tunnel operation into Lebanon’ Meanwhile, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said on Friday that the Israeli military could extend its activities near the border with Lebanon into the Arab country. “If we think that in order to thwart the tunnels that one needs to operate on the other side - then we will operate on the other side of the border,” Katz told Radio Tel Aviv 102FM. On Tuesday, the Israeli military announced an operation against what it said were Hezbollah infiltration tunnels. Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said on Wednesday that the Israeli regime had failed to provide any evidence for alleged tunnels dug from Lebanon into the occupied territories by Hezbollah fighters. “The Israelis did not present any information” at the meeting with the Lebanese army and UNIFIL [United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon] peacekeeping force, a statement from Berri's office said. Berri further noted that Lebanon had asked for geographic coordinates but received none. “This (Israeli accusation) is not based on any real facts at all,” Ali Bazzi, a lawmaker from Berri's Amal Movement, cited him as saying after a meeting. The Lebanese military has stated that it is prepared for any developments on the border with Israel, making efforts together with UNIFIL to maintain stability in the area. “Everything is calm and peaceful on the Lebanese side [of the border]. The situation is under full control. The army units deployed in the area are fulfilling their tasks in coordination with UNIFIL in order to prevent any provocation and maintain stability in the southern region. The army was ready for any emergency situations,” the military announced in a statement. The Lebanese army added that it remained in contact both with Israel and Hezbollah to help de-escalate tensions and prevent any confrontation.

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