Is Trump Administration Zio-Christian?
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Is Trump Administration Zio-Christian?

Trump administration, however, has relocated the diplomatic mission and called the occupied Palestinian city the Israel’s regime’s capital, disregarding the global public reactions and the Europeans’ objection, just to display a staunch consistency with Tel Aviv leaders. That comes while according to a 1967 UN resolution, the status of the disputed city will be determined only after the end of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. So, due to the continued occupation of the West Bank, in practice any move to recognize al-Quds as capital of the Israeli regime is in stark contrast to the international law. The Trump administration has so far shown the greatest support to the hardline Israeli leaders by withdrawing from the UNESCO in protest to the UN body’s anti-Israeli condemnations and also pushing ahead with anti-Palestinian motions at the UN Security Council, signaling to the world that he spares no efforts to support the Israelis. What is driving the US leader to press ahead with the Israeli-eyed policies, to the degree that he even is ready to face the European allies on the world stage? In the first place, the current US administration’s policy is tied to the Trump’s personal submission to the Tel Aviv policies in the region. This view is observable in much of the analyses produced to dissect his foreign policy. Many analysts suggest that his policy rests in his connection to the hardline branch of the Republican Party, his financial links to the pro-Israeli circles, and also his flexibility to the pro-Tel Aviv lobbies inside the US. These three factors make him different from the previous American leaders.  Another factor is the influencers in the Trump administration. One of the most important ones is the second in row after Trump in the administration: Mike Pence, the Vice-president.  The White House ideological changes  Vice-president Mike Pence should truly be named the most ideological member of the Trump administration. He is one of the most stalwart believers of the evangelical Christianity, with a great deal of fame on the Zio-Christian media as he pursues the same goals that the extremist Zionists always highlight.  Pence is the member of the Christians United for Israel, the largest pro-Israeli organization in the US. He has so far many times spoken to the organization.  The CUI now has over three million members in the US and is the key Trump backer in the community of the Zio-Christian Americans. The organization says it aspires to support Tel Aviv most perfectly and help what it calls the restoration of the magnificence to the “sacred text.” The relocation of the US embassy took place with a push from this organization and also the design and implementation of Pence, though the move remains highly challenged with many voices against it at the Congress and none of the Trump predecessor have dared to implement it, despite the fact that the Congress passed an obligatory law in 1990 asking the administration to do the embassy relocation.  The relocation marks an ideological change of the White House. After all, this goal is the same one pursued by the CUI for years and did not manage to materialize it with the help of the US presidents who preceded Donald Trump.  Zio-Christian figures in Trump administration  But it is not only Mike Pence who is an evangelical and a Zio-Christian. In addition to Pence, Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and the current advisor to the White House, Sara Huckabee, the spokeswoman to the White House, and Sara Palin, the Trump advisor, and John Bolton, the national security advisor, all are highly committed to the evangelicalism. Their sway over Trump foreign policy is beside the extraordinary influence of Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner who is labeled the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cabinet’s “minister” at the White House.  On the other side, a report published by the Middle East Eye News website claims that since the Trump assumption of power at the White House, the evangelical churches’ number has grown considerably. The report adds that over the past two years of Trump presidency, at least 10 new evangelical churches were built and started operating across the US. There is no doubt that the Zio-Christians’ penetration in the Trump administration has no analogue in the history of the US. These individuals beside his son-in-law complete the Zio-Christian orbit at Trump administration.  The Zio-Christian Armageddon  The latest figures about the Zio-Christian population in the US shows that around 20 million are living across the US. The CUI, funded by the wealthy Zionists in the US, supports thousands of Jewish families from the US, Europe, and other parts of the world to migrate to the occupied Palestinian territories.  The Zio-Christian churches repeatedly tell their believers that after the last war, or Armageddon, the Zionists living in today’s Palestine will convert to Christianity. To this end, they add, the Zionists and other Jewish cults should migrate to Palestinian territories to become Christians as the time of Armageddon nears. This cult not only does not recognize Palestine but also they claim Al-Quds to be an Israeli city in urgent need of help to be Judaized.  In such a context, with the existence of powerful Zio-Christian officials in the Trump government, it is clear that the president will never admit to al-Quds being a Palestinian state’s capital. Above that, he does not believe in the idea that the Palestinians own their lands. That is why the two-state solution which was discussed formerly under Trump’s predecessors is now totally ditched by his administration. His government made the greatest efforts yet to help the Israelis occupy as much Palestinian territories as possible.  This leads to the conclusion that today the world is facing an ideologically Zio-Christian, not Christian, administration in the US which will never accede to the reality of the occupied territories having Palestinian identity, let alone pursue the peace path. 

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