Tom Steyer ties 2020 support to impeaching Trump
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Tom Steyer ties 2020 support to impeaching Trump

Tom Steyer has already gathered an active grassroots army of seven million supporters and plans to spend $40 million in 2019 on the impeachment effort, Politico reported Monday. “In Washington, DC, talking to pundits and congress people — it’s super lonely,” Steyer was cited as saying on Sunday during a visit to the District for a summit of his Need to Impeach organization. “Oh, God, inside the Beltway everybody thinks I’m a low-double-digit IQ.” ‘President above law’ The majority of top Democrats, including Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand, have recently shifted from impeachment efforts and are instead drawing attention to special counsel Robert Mueller’s so-called Russia investigation. “What I wish to be the highest priority, at least for the United States Congress, is that Bob Mueller be able to finish his investigation,” Harris said last week, when asked about impeachment, shortly after announcing her presidential bid. Steyer is among the few people still pursuing impeachment, which Politico described as “one of the hardest-to-sell issues in Democratic politics today.” “Trump said during the campaign, ‘I can murder someone on Fifth Avenue and it doesn’t matter,’” Steyer said. “It’s true — he can murder someone on 5th Avenue, and unless Robert Mueller says it’s murder, it doesn’t matter. People are not willing to step up and say, ‘This is absolutely unacceptable and un-American.’ And if you’re not willing to do that, then the president really is above the law.” The Trump campaign is in part accused of collusion with the Kremlin to find damaging information on his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. As the lengthy probe continues, Republicans are getting engaged in efforts to assure Trump’s success in the 2020 presidential election. The GOP in part aims to cut debate time on lower-level nominees and accelerate confirmation of Trump's judicial and executive branch picks. "We're going to deal with this issue, I think. We're going to try it [bipartisan] and I think our Republican members would want to see an effort ... and we would want that to be a genuine effort. So, let's see," Senate Rules Chairman Roy Blunt said on Monday. "It's clear that if we don't change this, some Democrat president in the future is going to deal with exactly what President Trump and the Republican Senate has had to deal with."

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