Iran unveils long-range Hoveyzeh cruise missile
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Iran unveils long-range Hoveyzeh cruise missile

The missile, named Hoveyzeh after a city in southwest Iran known for its resistance during the 1980s Iraqi war, was showcased at an exhibition of defense achievements in Tehran on Saturday. "This cruise missile needs a very short time for its preparedness and can fly at a low altitude," Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said during the unveiling ceremony. Hatami said the missile, which has been designed and manufactured by experts at the ministry's aviation industries organization, has a range of over 1,350 kilometers. Hoveyzeh is from the Soumar family of cruise missiles. It has high precision and accuracy and is capable of heavily destroying ground targets, the defense minister said.  The flight test on Saturday was carried out on a 1,200 km range and the missile accurately hit its targets, Hatami said.  "The Hoveyzeh missile is the symbol of self-belief and an important defense achievement based on today's technological progress in the world."  The missile, he noted, shows that "no obstacle can hinder the Iranian nation's determination and will in the defense field." Hatami cited remarks by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei who has said Iran "will decisively respond to any kind of threat at the same level." Head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corp (IRGC)'s aerospace division General Amirali Hajizadeh said at the event Iran could now manufacture a full range of missiles after overcoming initial problems in producing jet engines for cruise missiles. "The long-range Hoveyzeh cruise missile is the long arm of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the cruise missile defense field," Hatami said.  Iran's "success in achieving this technology after the 700-km Soumar cruise missile is an impressive step in increasing the capabilities of the armed forces and the country's deterrent power," he added.  Tehran has reiterated that its missiles are defensive and used for deterrence in the face of repeated foreign threats. The country has said it will not negotiate on its missile capabilities under any circumstances.  Last September, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said that a military war against Iran was out of question, but called on the country's Armed Forces to boost their capabilities capabilities. "The Armed Forces must upgrade their human and military hardware capabilities on a daily basis through vigilance as well as efficient and dynamic management," Ayatollah Khamenei stated. 'Great capacity'  Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said at the event that the eight-year Iraq-imposed war on Iran inflicted heavy costs on the country, but also led to great achievements such as deterrence. "Iran's capability is a great capacity that should be taken into account," he said at the exhibition of defense achievements. Larijani stressed that Iran has managed to make progress independently in the nuclear field. "Regarding the nuclear issue, Iran did not rely on anyone, stood on its own feet and could make progress despite all problems created for Iran," he said. "We are using our own capacities, and are not dependent on anyone as we have tasted the poison of dependence under the former regime," he said. Larijani the international community has now "accepted that Iran never wants to lose its dignity."

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