Antisemitism an Excuse against Govts. Non-compliant With Imperialism?
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Antisemitism an Excuse against Govts. Non-compliant With Imperialism?

The Israeli covert and overt support to the Western-orchestrated subversive movements in countries whose governments resist the imperious agenda of the West is nothing new to Tel Aviv policy and not undercover to the world. What is the reason behind such a stance by Israel and how is it linked to the imperialist policies. The main question is what kind of role does Zionism play in Venezuelan politics? The world imperialism, led by the US, has recently launched a new wave of pressures against countries firmly resistant to its domineering policies. Venezuela is just one link in a chain of global resistance to imperialism which has been under assault due to its vulnerability. Zionism and imperialism use threadbare antisemitism accusations to feed their huge media propaganda against the legitimate Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. The Western media uproar focuses on the reduced number of the Jewish population in Venezuela from 25,000 to 10,000, the words of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who called the Jews the “murderers of Jesus”, and the severed diplomatic relations between the Tel Aviv and Caracas. These issues provide additional feeding by the global Zionism to the imperialist strategy makers who seek to demonize the governments which strongly stand in the face of the Western forces that use any trick to overthrow them and bring to power puppet leaders. In this case, the Western world and the Israeli regime have a long track record. For example, take the Nicaraguan revolution. The administration of President Ronald Reagan of the US blackened the Sandinistas movement by claiming that the movement was anti-religious with a tendency to uproot the Christians and the Jews in Nicaragua. The aim was demonization of the pro-resistance politicians in the eyes of the voters in religious-majority constituencies. This came while the Anastasio Somoza Debayle, Western-supported dictator of Nicaragua, was provided by arms by the Israeli regime. After Sandinistas’ victory over the dictator, Washington and Tel Aviv remained the main forces arming the Contras, right-wing terrorist groups that were active from the late 1970s to early 1990s against the socialist Sandinistas government. Or, as another example, when the Israelis supported a military dictatorship, triggering a 36-year-old war that left over 200,000 people killed. It can be said that antisemitism pretext is an effective basis used by an alliance of Zionism and imperialism to press towards joint aims. It helps to concentrate on the cultural and ideological marriage of Christianity and Judaism to easily incite the Western, and the global, public against what they brand “bad people”, similar to the anti-Westernism brand that the Western government give to the Muslims in the Muslim world, and sometime Western world. After incitement, these schemes then step into the operational stage. As we can see over the history, wars and troubles always hit the resistant countries under such guises. The same pretexts are also used to claim that freedom of people is violated in the target nation. The media and think tanks promote the allegations. On the other hand, we all know that both the Sandinistas and Maduro governments openly supported the Palestinian cause. Both strongly condemned the occupational policies of the Israeli regime against Palestinians in the Palestinian territories usurped by Israelis. The origin of such anti-Israeli criticism is not ideological or antisematic. Rather it comes as a response by these parties to Tel Aviv’s interventionist policies in Latin America’s home affairs. So, the antisemitism is simply an instrument used to realize at least three goals: First, the pro-Israeli forces want to label any disparagement against Tel Aviv an antisemitic action, despite the Israeli-backed crimes in Latin America. Second, wherever Tel Aviv is in dire straits diplomatically or slips to the defeat, its backers, seeking to arouse the liberal-Christian world, trumpet that a new wave of anti-Semitism is upcoming and the world needs to face it. And third, while the legal government in Caracas has drawn a line between anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli policy, its foreign opponents in Tel Aviv and Washington reject it and try to draw alignment between them. As a conclusion, it must be noted that Zionism is not a master but a pawn to the global imperialism and is used as a humanitarian excuse to cover the Western atrocities against the civilians in various parts of the world.  

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