Pelosi opened the door to direct attack on Trump and Omar ran with it
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Pelosi opened the door to direct attack on Trump and Omar ran with it

The Muslim lawmaker on Thursday called Trump mentally “deranged” after he described himself as “an extremely stable genius.” “There is nothing ‘stable’ or ‘genius’ about these public rants from a president,” Omar tweeted. “Deranged, bizarre, incoherent, sad … come to mind.” Omar’s comments come after Trump lashed out at Pelosi for saying the president threw a “temper tantrum” at a White House meeting on Wednesday, where he reportedly shouted before storming out just minutes after it started. Pelosi said that Trump is practically begging the Democrats to launch a “premature” impeachment so he can defuse the potential threat to his presidency.  “There’s finally a Congress member who has the courage, or is it the temerity, to say what most Americans, and frankly most of the world, thinks about Donald Trump.  Even the very partisan network news outlets only speak in euphemisms when exploring this president’s style of speaking or his mental and intellectual capacity. Omar uses words like ‘bizarre’, ‘deranged’, and ‘incoherent’ and questions his stability and intelligence,” Hoenig said. “All members seem to talk like lawyers, afraid to say in simple terms exactly what they feel. And let’s face it. This president is just plain nuts. He’s in a position far over his head. It’s one thing for an incompetent actor to know how bad he or she is and try to compensate or pretend otherwise. Much like Theresa May! But Donald Trump actually seems to believe his own sense of omnipotence,” he stated. “House Majority Leader Pelosi may have opened the door to a direct personal attack on Trump by diplomatically questioning his temperament, calling his outburst a temper tantrum, but Omar stepped in and ran with it. The question will be how many more will feel they have the license to speak openly?” he asked.   “This is not necessarily something that would set a precedent as even Richard Nixon announced that he himself was not a crook. And other presidents have been ridiculed mercilessly over the years while in office. One would expect though that after Trump leaves the next president will most likely not be as much of a lunatic as this one, but even if we have another intellectually lightweight president, like George W. Bush, the barbs would not be as stinging,” the analyst said. “But for at least the duration of the Trump presidency, I’m sure the sarcastic knives, caustic attacks on his intellect and character, and exposure of all of his foibles will be ours to enjoy until his end, as long as it’s not our end,” he noted.

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