America undermining the honor of other nations
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America undermining the honor of other nations

The Americans' madness has led them to the extent that they regard any countries that are not their allies and are not following their example as a "rogue" state. And worse, they come to these countries on a horse of "rubber democracy".   This democracy is the same who allowed the American soldiers to violate the sanctity of peoples and the killing and abuse of civilians and the rape of women, and reached the audacity of the American administration to absolve these soldiers of the killings, this is not surprising, considering that the existing regime in America is a criminal in its entirety.   The killer carries the name of Edward Gallagher, 40 years old, who took a group photograph with other soldiers near the body of the Iraqi boy, the defense agents defended the officer that their client wanted to capture this collective image to strengthen team spirit and strengthen the friendship between elements of his unit, according to Agence France-Presse.   A report in the New York Times reported that Gallagher was proud of his unit's number of people killed, including women, and a group of parliamentarians launched a campaign for the release of Gallagher, The conservative Fox News television network has raised its banner and the US President Donald Trump is also on the line, hinting that a military amnesty could be issued if the judiciary condemned him.   US President Donald Trump is allowing US soldiers to carry out these abuses through his "sick narcissism", which analyzes the killing of the rest of the population and considers them as inferior to any American citizen. The decision by US President Donald Trump to pardon former military lieutenant Michael Bihina , Who spent five years in prison for the murder of an Iraqi prisoner in 2008, recalled memories of the war in Iraq and the atrocities committed by American soldiers, without being tried inside Iraq because of their immunity, even Trump was willing to intervene and circumvent the judiciary and acquit the defendants if convicted of killing Civilians.   The New York Times reported that US President Donald Trump has requested the preparation of files on amnesty for many of the US military accused or convicted of war crimes, including a military who is scheduled to be tried for shooting at unarmed civilians while serving in Iraq.   There are countless American crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is true that we have cited examples of these crimes in the form of unique cases, but there are unspeakable mass crimes that we have seen in Abu Ghraib prisons and elsewhere. Until now, Washington has killed more than 1.7 million civilians Half of them are children, it began with sanctions in the 1990s before Iraqi civil society destroyed its 2003 illegal invasion, which killed hundreds of thousands of lives and led to civil war and the birth of a "hasty" organization. This is a small part of America's nightmare for the people of Iraq.   "The irony is that we invaded Iraq to destroy weapons of mass destruction that do not exist, and to do so, we used new weapons that caused radiological losses," says Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector.   There is an American soldier residing in France served in the US military for 18 years, the American soldier named "Jimmy Massey" has written a book under the title (kill .. kill), and the task of the soldier as Massey said, did not mean in any way to defend the honor of the American nation, But to undermine the honor of other nations.   The Iranian civil aircraft   American crimes in the Middle East have no limits. Thirty-one years ago, on July 3, 1988, the US warship, USS Wins, shot down an Iranian civilian passenger plane, killing 290 passengers, including 66 children and 16 crew members.   Washington justified the targeting of this aircraft that the crew of the ship identified the Airbus civilian, as an Iranian fighter "F-14", and justified the sailors that the crew did not respond to repeated demands to change course, but they hid the fact of trying to communicate with the civil aircraft over radio frequency Military, unfamiliar to the aircraft.   To date, the US government has not acknowledged any violations by the Vincennes crew, and none of the sailors have been responsible for dropping the passenger plane. Furthermore, the crew has been honored to carry out the combat missions honorably.   The White House expressed its condolences over the disaster, but US President Ronald Reagan described the killing of some 300 people as "necessary defensive measures."   Of the severity and insolence of America in 1990, the commander who shot the aircraft William Rogers, was awarded the American Order of Merit due to his good conduct and the implementation of distinguished services during his tenure in Vincennes between April 1987 and May 1989 and at the ceremony to award the medal to him, it was not referred to the incident of the shot aircraft 655.   This award in America is usually awarded to members of the regular forces for their exceptional behavior in the performance of outstanding services and impressive achievements.

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