Can Europe break the America’s stick of obedience?
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Can Europe break the America’s stick of obedience?

The decisions taken by the American president to tighten the screws on the axis of resistance were not right, as they collided with a solid wall that he did not expect, because the estimates of his administration and his hawkish advisers blinded them to the reality of what the Israeli entity was doing which put the US administration in a lot of dilemmas that could not get out easily.   For example, the withdrawal of Trump from the nuclear agreement was aimed at subjecting the Islamic Republic of Iran to pressure and embarrassment to sit at the negotiating table to impose new conditions through which the Republic of Iran to give up some of the things that are red lines in foreign policy and cannot be touched, especially supporting the axis of resistance and not threatening the Israeli entity and the non-use of advanced weapons and missiles against the Israeli entity and abandon the support of Hezbollah, Iran has realized the intentions of the US administration has not made any concessions and did not respond to the calls to sit at the table, which made the US president to shudder at times and increase the sanctions imposed on Iran at other times, calling on its leaders to sit down to negotiate and without any conditions, After setting conditions that ran into the clear Iranian response that refused to negotiate with Trump because there is no confidence in the US president and his administration.   Trump's decisions have caused a clear rift with his European allies who have tried to catch the stick from the middle. If the sanctions were applied strictly to the Islamic Republic, European companies would lose billions of dollars, so European countries could not make a clear decision about the Islamic Republic of Iran. They want to get out of the American shadow because they are a burden on them and their economy, except for the Israeli entity, which has many reasons to support the United States, including the aid it brings. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has realized that national interests must prevail in the face of Washington's dictates. Britain, France and Germany have also announced that the Trade Support Tool (INSTEX) is ready, a mechanism that allows companies in Europe to do business with countries such as Iran to avoid US sanctions through trade. Outside of the dollar-based Swift system, which is de facto controlled by the US Treasury Department.   An article published by the US Paul Ronn Institute said at the recently concluded G20 meeting in Japan that the mechanism had gained support after the Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear deal more than a year ago, meaning more confusion in the administration, which would lose much If adopted because it means the decline in trading in US dollars, and will not be a central currency in the global economy and will show results in the world, Where the value of the dollar is declining and the US Treasury will stop printing more dollars, which also means impeding the ability of the United States to impose global hegemony on credit cards , which will certainly be a resounding defeat expected after the pulling of the rug from the US administration and the decline in its role in the world and this  is of course the result of the shrewd policies and hasty decisions taken by US President Donald Trump, which the British ambassador in Washington has describe him as incompetent, dishonest and irrefutable, adding that the US president is currently practicing economic policies that could destroy the whole world trade system.   All indications are the negative results of the policies of Donald Trump in the world, which he wanted to increase his grip on the world, but in fact he confirmed his failure and out of his hands where he will win the defeat that means his terrible fall after the series of defeats he received, especially in the global war, which led against Syria , And certainly will be the straw that will not bear the impact in the long run, and his defeat next to Iran will not be the final defeat, as no one knows what the fate of the future lies in the next days?  

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